Marketing Communications Public Relations Brand Management Social Media
Marketing CommunicationsPublic RelationsBrand ManagementSocial Media

As your consultant, I'll be your:


  • Strategist: Create tailored and integrated Marketing Communications/PR/Branding concepts; Storytelling; Website Relaunch; Generate multimedia and social media content – all including SEO/SEM


  • Copywriter: Compose press releases, Website and Intranet content, sales materials, social media posts, trade show brochures, eNewsletters, direct mail campaigns, and interview/video scripts


  • Networker: Link on-/offline channels to use synergies and customize content; Engage with various stakeholders in an ongoing dialogue to boost virality, referral marketing and customer loyalty


  • Brand ambassador: Develop powerful 360o brand strategies and Corporate Identity concepts; Ensure a consistent global brand appearance and customer journey from first point of contact to after-sales-care


  • Translator: Provide all above mentioned communication tools in German and English – both at native speaker level; Translate existing materials



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